About The Camp

A trail running camp that blends active and retired military personnel, civilians, and a host of experienced and amazing people (with some fast tread) from throughout the country to bind it all together.

A camp of learning about the sport of trail running and the joys of the active life. A camp to help veterans reintegrate and reconnect with the civilian life. A camp to showcase community, compassion, and the connectivity of all of us.

At this camp, you will gain an understanding of trail running techniques, hill running, nutrition, training plans and heat/hydration management from veterans of the sport.

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Leadership and Mentors « scroll »

Liza Howard

Multiple 100 mile record holder. NOLS and WMI Instructor.

Jason Schlarb

Run Rabbit Run 100 mile record holder. US trail 50 mile champ.

Roy Pirrung

President of the American Ultrarunning Association.

Max King

2x Olympic trials qualifier. Many USATF and XTERRA records.

Katie DeSplinter

Ozark 100 mile winner. New Balance Ambassador.

Matt Hart

Tahoe Rim 100 winner. Elite endurance coach.

Sabrina Little

Multiple 24 hour race wins. Rocky Raccoon 100 winner.

Dominic Grossman

Angeles Crest 100 winner. Badwater 135 & Hardrock finisher.

Jason Bryant

Coach and member of the La Sportiva running team.

Zach Bitter

Team RWB Ambassador and 50 mile / 50k monster.

Meghan Arbogast

Meagan, aka The Queen. A veteran ultra runner and massage therapist.

Alison Bryant

La Sportiva running team member. Mountain Masochist 50 winner.