Day: November 7, 2021

Showcase IDX ReviewShowcase IDX Review

Using a showcase IDX reviews can be very beneficial in getting what you want out of using one of these sites. A showcase IDX review will let you know if a site is legit, and if it is, what you should expect from it. There are many websites out there that review IDX and other realtors sites. You can check these reviews out as well to see which one out there is best.

How a User Can Find Out If a Site is Legit?

Showcase IDX was created in 2021 and began building real estate databases specifically for brokers with their IDX. Many other companies have attempted to do this but it’s very difficult to do keyword research on all of them. It’s accepted wisdom within the real estate world that Zillow spends about 25 million dollars a year to ingest, organize and standardize information from its database. You must understand that these companies pay a lot of money to gain access to these customers’ personal data, which is why they must offer a good service and guarantee customer satisfaction.

I recently had the pleasure of being a featured writer on a showcase website. This website actually sends its writers into real homes to find potential homes to list through the broker’s showcase. All homes sold through this portal were done by high quality agents, who were recommended by the writers of the showcase. The agents also made sure the agent was licensed, and went above and beyond to make the home as comfortable as possible for the new buyer. The fact that these agents got paid for a job well done speaks volumes to what showcase sites can offer you. You won’t see any false praise in a showcase IDX review because these agents made sure they provided all the information the buyer needed.