Day: April 8, 2022

Buying the Best Mountain Biking GlovesBuying the Best Mountain Biking Gloves

best mtb gloves

If you’re planning to buy mountain biking gloves, there are a few things to look for. Ensure that they fit your hand size accurately and that they have a return policy if you’re not satisfied with them. Look for a good balance of protection and padding. Consider the weather conditions in which you’ll be riding, too. If you’re riding in the winter months, a thicker pair of gloves will keep you warmer than a thin pair.

Made Of A Breathable Material

If you’re looking for gloves that will protect your hands, you can choose from a variety of styles. A fully enclosed pair will have an anti-shock slip pad and will allow you to operate a cell phone while cycling. Another option is a fingerless model that won’t protect your fingers and will likely make them cold, and will require a little bit of time to adjust to your hand size. Regardless of which style you choose, be sure that the thumb area is kept dry and warm to avoid any cold spots.

One popular option is the Giro DND. These best mtb gloves are made of a breathable material that allows for plenty of airflow. They also feature a built-in terry cloth on the thumb. The Giro best mtb gloves are sold at Performance Bike and are highly recommended for all levels of mountain biking. However, they do run a bit small, so consider sizing up or down a size.