Day: January 5, 2023

Dos And Donts Of Fire Damage RestorationDos And Donts Of Fire Damage Restoration

6 Do’s And Don’ts Of Fire Damage Restoration is an important step after a fire. After a fire, it is best to call a professional restoration company for help. They will have the tools needed to protect their workers from harmful substances. These experts will clean the fire and repair any damaged areas to the best of their ability.

How do you deal with fire damage?

Before starting any cleaning process, make sure to contact the insurance company to report the incident. They will want to see photos of the damage. This is important for proving the extent of the damage.

The smoke and soot left behind after a fire can pose health hazards if not cleaned properly. It can also cause serious health problems if you consume food that was exposed to the fire.

During the cleanup process, avoid touching any items that have been exposed to the fire. Similarly, you should refrain from opening doors and windows. If you do, you will likely inhale the smoke and soot.

Avoid using electrical appliances such as radios, televisions, and computers after a fire. Electrical equipment should not be turned on until a certified technician has assessed the damage.

Make sure to clean floors and countertops thoroughly. This is to ensure that soot does not adhere to the surface. Also, remove old linens from the area.

Be careful when cleaning electronics. During the fire cleanup, it is also important to remove any loose wires. You do not want to damage the wiring, or even re-ignite the fire.