Day: February 3, 2023

How to Check Phone Carrier AccuracyHow to Check Phone Carrier Accuracy

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In recent years, mobile phone usage has skyrocketed. It has become the most widely used communication channel in the world, with more cell phones being owned than humans on Earth.

The accuracy of the check phone carrier number you’re using to send messages can be a significant factor in your SMS marketing results, especially if your messages are sent over cellular data networks. In order to maximize the ROI of your text messaging campaigns, it’s important to ensure that all numbers in your database are correct and valid.

Check IMEI on an iPhone or Android device

Your phone’s IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-digit number that tells your cell phone which carrier it was originally activated with. It’s used to verify the phone’s authenticity and can be found in the “About” menu on an iOS device or under the SIM tray on an Android phone.

How to Check Phone Carrier: A Guide to Identifying the Carrier of a Phone Number for Marketing and Fraud Prevention

You can also check IMEIs on any phone by simply dialing *#06# on your keypad. This will show the IMEI number on your phone’s display.

Unlock a new phone on a different carrier

Most smartphone models are compatible with all four major national carriers, but some may be blacklisted or not support other networks depending on their underlying technologies. Before purchasing a phone, make sure to check the IMEI’s compatibility with your preferred network.

Use a number carrier lookup

Carrier lookups are a great way to confirm the latest carrier of record associated with a phone number and provide useful information about the line type, user type (personal or business), and much more. IPQS connects directly to telecom backbones to identify the latest carrier of record associated with any phone number.