Day: July 30, 2023

Choosing a Solar Company IrelandChoosing a Solar Company Ireland

solar company ireland

The time has perhaps never been better to retrofit your home with a high-quality solar PV system. With significant funding available through the SEAI Solar Panel Grant, it makes a lot of sense for Irish homeowners to make the switch to clean, green energy.

A solar panels dublin  is made up of photovoltaic cells, which are layered with semiconductor materials (most commonly silicon). When sunlight hits the cell, it knocks electrons free from their atoms. These electrons then flow through conductors attached to the negative and positive sides of the cell, creating electricity. This electricity is then fed into a power grid, where it can be used to power electrical loads or appliances.

Solar Panels in Dublin: Illuminating the City’s Renewable Energy Potential

When you are choosing a solar company ireland, it is important to find one that is SEAI approved. This means that they have been trained and accredited by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to come and install solar panels for you. SEAI-approved solar companies are also eligible to apply for the SEAI Solar Panel Grant on your behalf, which can significantly reduce the cost of installing a solar PV system at your home.

One such company is SolarShare, which specialises in residential, commercial and agricultural solar energy systems. The team at this company has a wide range of expertise that covers everything from design to installation, and they can help you get the best value from your investment. They can even help you apply for the SEAI grant, which can save you up to EUR3,000.