Day: April 27, 2024

Nicotine SaltsNicotine Salts

The smooth, subtle, and rich flavors of nic salt formulations give vapers a more balanced and fulfilling experience than traditional e-liquids. Unlike freebase nicotine, nic salts are more natural and closely mirror the nicotine found in tobacco leaves, which allows for quicker absorption and delivery into your bloodstream, giving you that instant rush that helps curb those cravings without the harsh throat hit associated with higher nicotine strengths.

They’re also a great choice for newer vapers, as the smooth and satisfying throat hit helps you know when you’re done and can help avoid that overdosing feeling that many smokers experience. Plus, the lower vapour production of nic salts can make for an excellent and discreet alternative to smoking, helping you avoid the unwanted attention that can sometimes come with large clouds of smoke.

Unlocking the Nicotine Experience: All About Nicsalts

Nicotine salts are ideally suited for low-wattage, mouth-to-lung devices such as pod systems. They’re easy to use and work well with coils from 1.0 ohm and upwards, as you would typically find in a pod system. They’re not suitable for sub-ohm tanks, as the high nicotine strength can be harsh and uncomfortable to inhale if used with a coil of this resistance.

Due to their high nicotine concentration, nic salts are best stored in a cool dark place away from sunlight or extreme heat. This will help preserve the quality and integrity of the liquid as well as keep the flavours at their peak. We’ve got a vast collection of nic salts here at Vapestore, including popular brands like IVG, Momo and Vampire Vape with their ranges of sumptuous fruit, dessert and tobacco-inspired flavours.…