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The Health Risks and Benefits of Professional SportsThe Health Risks and Benefits of Professional Sports

The Health Risks and Benefits of Professional Sports

There are many เลือก UFABET เพื่อแทงบาคาร่า positive effects from playing sport, for example psychosocial development in young and old people [1], personal development [2], later onset of age-related diseases if started in childhood and reduced consumption of alcohol [3]. However, there is also a high risk of injury, eating disorders, burnout and psychological distress if not managed well. The risk of injury is a major factor that determines the duration and quality of an athlete’s career and, therefore, also impacts on future health.

The Health Risks and Benefits of Professional Sports

In addition, societal factors may influence an elite athlete’s attitude towards important occupational safety and health (OSH) practices like injury reporting and medication usage. These influences can lead to a higher acceptance of OSH risks than would be the case in non-elite athletes and thus have long-term consequences.

Besides the physical injuries, overuse injuries are common among athletes, especially in those with repetitive motions such as a pitcher who throws thousands of times or a runner who takes millions of steps. These injuries can also be caused by the environment in which the athlete is competing, such as a stadium where hot temperatures can cause a loss of hydration or the use of an inappropriate shoe for the sport. The aging process also makes the soft tissues in the body less stretchy and resilient, which increases the chance of an injury. Therefore, it is important for both coaches and athletes to be aware of the potential impact of the environment on their performance and health.