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4×4 Snorkel Fitting

4x4 snorkel fitting

A popular upgrade for 4×4 snorkel fitting is a snorkel kit. These air filtering systems improve the quality of air reaching your engine and can greatly improve your vehicle’s health and performance. Whether you regularly take your 4×4 off-road, or you only like to do it once in a while, you’ll want to invest in a snorkel kit. Aside from helping your engine run better, a snorkel will give your 4×4 an authentic off-road look.

The Reason Why Everyone Isobsessing About 4×4 Snorkel Fitting

First, make sure your vehicle’s design and construction will allow the snorkel to fit. Stainless steel snorkels are the best choice for long-term off-road use, but can rust and require galvanisation, which can leave the snorkel less attractive. Another option is an air ram head snorkel. This type of air intake enables it to ram down larger particles and improve engine cooling performance. If you’re unsure, check the installation instructions carefully.

Aftermarket snorkels are available in stainless steel or mild steel. The former is the most expensive, but it can be damaged after prolonged off-road use. A cheaper alternative is mild steel, but it rusts easily and must be galvanised, which makes it less appealing. For the best performance, look for an air ram head snorkel. These devices force heavier particles to the walls where they fall and are expelled. The air forced down method improves fuel efficiency.

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