80s Style

80s style

80s style was a time for bright colors, chunky accessories, and a “anything goes” attitude. Fashion was influenced by popular music artists. And women broke glass ceilings with their sexy power suits.

For men, blazers and leather jackets were very popular. They were also worn with slogan t-shirts. These shirts had large bold letters that often had some kind of political or social cause on them.

A lot of women in the ’80s had crimped hairstyles. They were particularly popular among younger women. The look was a radical departure from the natural style of the day.

Women would often accessorize their outfits with beaded jewelry. Jewelry was inexpensive and easily accessible. Some of the most common types of jewelry in the 80s were bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Women were also popular with bright lipglosses. Makeup was a big part of fashion in the 1980s. People would wear neon lipstick, and bold eyeliners. Eyeshadow was also a big hit.

The 80s Punk Movement: How it Influenced Fashion and Youth Culture

Aside from hairstyles, women were known for wearing their brows painted with blue mascara. The ’80s was also the era for fingerless gloves.

Men wore sleeveless shirts under leather jackets. Leather was a popular material in the 1980s. It was comfortable and stylish.

Jeans were also popular in the 80s. Acid-washed jeans were popular, as were high-wasted jeans. Dad jeans were also popular. High-top sneakers were also popular.

Leather pants were also a favorite for men in the 80s. Today, denim jackets are still fashionable.

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