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A Beginners Guide to Horsebox Trailers

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There are many types of horsebox trailer, the most common of which is a 3.5-tonne horsebox that can be fitted with a ramp. Horsebox trailers have also been known to be used for taking motor cycles and even cars on journeys around the country. Horsebox trailers have gained popularity amongst those who wish to do longer journeys or are looking to haul an extra vehicle.

How We Improved Our A Beginners Guide To Horsebox Trailers

Before purchasing a horsebox trailer it is necessary to establish what the required Gross Weight Rating (GWR) is. The GWR is the maximum allowable weight of the horsebox trailer without any problems with it coming off the back of the car or truck when carrying the cargo. It is best to consult with the manufacturer of the vehicle or your local Police Authority as they will be able to advise you on the required GWR. Once the GWR has been established, the size and spacing between the tyres should also be considered. It is recommended that tyres are spaced no more than one metre apart in order to maximise the safety of both the driver and any cargo.

To date, California and New York are the only states to offer a tow card, which allows drivers to use their vehicle for up to 7.5 tonnes of goods when driving a horsebox trailer. Drivers of caravans and holiday makers who want to transport other types of goods need to obtain a specialised licence, and then apply for a specialised licence to tow a trailer. This is also known as Towing Your Trailer and is not allowed in most countries. Although most trailer manufacturers and dealers will supply this type of licence, it may be easier and safer to apply for your own licence. You can learn more about the different trailer types and operators here.

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