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Full Service Medical Billing

If you’re looking for a medical billing company that will handle all aspects of your revenue cycle, from charge entry and coding to claim scrubbing and denial management, a full-service medical billing service might be the best option for you. Some medical billing services also offer a variety of other helpful services, like patient statements and follow-up on unpaid claims from both patients and payers.

What is best medical billing?

The right medical billing services Service Locations – eMed Partners can help your practice save up to 30% on outsourced medical billing costs. These companies prioritize accuracy, offering customized billing solutions with minimum turnaround time and HIPAA compliant data security, along with 24/7 based technical assistance.

First Pass Assurance Rate (FPAR): A high FPAR is an important indicator of the quality of a medical billing service. It signifies that its staff is able to submit insurance claims successfully at a high percentage the first time, which minimizes delays in receiving payments.

Charge Entry and Coding: Having charge entry and coding handled by a medical billing service is a big advantage for many practices, especially small ones that have limited staff. A seasoned team of medical coders can ensure the correct codes are applied to each claim and that your clinical documentation meets required compliance, preventing rejected claims and keeping your bottom line healthy.

Clearinghouses: Depending on your needs, some medical billing services partner with clearinghouses to submit claims to the payers you want to work with. Others submit your medical claims directly to the payers, bypassing the clearinghouse altogether.

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