Trail Running Camp Blog Garage Door Repair: Homeowners Can Do It Theirself

Garage Door Repair: Homeowners Can Do It Theirself

While it’s best to leave major repairs and replacements to professionals, there are several easy garage door repair tasks homeowners can handle themselves. These quick fixes can help prevent more costly problems down the road.

If the garage door repair won’t open with your remote or keypad, first make sure that the batteries are fresh and that nothing is obstructing the signal between the antenna and the main unit (usually located in an overhead section of the ceiling). If the door snags as it moves, check that there is no excessive tension on one side of the door or that the tracks are aligned. If the tracks are misaligned, loosen but do not remove the screws or bolts that hold the mounting brackets, then tap the tracks to straighten them. Once the tracks are straight, tighten the fasteners and recheck with a level.

Rolling Back to Functionality: Tips for Successful Garage Door Repairs

Another common problem is sagging or unevenness in the door. If the door isn’t level, it could be a sign that something is blocking one of the photo eyes (the sensors that detect obstacles and stop the door from closing) or that the circuit breaker has tripped. Check that nothing is blocking the photo eyes and that they are clean and clear of any dust or debris.

If the door is noisy, a simple solution may be to install vibration isolating pads between the opener mounting brackets and the building structure. You can purchase a kit designed specifically for this purpose, or make your own from other forms of thick rubber such as an old tire.

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