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Garage Door Repair – Things to Know

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If you need garage door install calgary there are a few things to know before calling in a professional. The first step is to find a good company that meets your budget, value, and quality requirements. This can be done by researching online reviews and talking to friends or family members.

Cost of Repairs

For most repairs, the average cost is between $150 and $350, including replacing two springs. If the work requires other components, it can go up to $500.

Maintenance – Clean the rollers and hinge points with an aerosol can of lubricant, a few times per year. This will reduce noise and keep the opener running smoothly.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Repair Company

Tracks – Using a ladder, check the tracks to ensure they are clear of debris and free from rust. If they are scuffed, you may need to repaint them.

Pulleys – If you have an older door with a metal pulley, it’s likely time to replace them. Typically, pulleys last around 10,000 cycles and are only $5 at your local home improvement store.

Opener – If your opener doesn’t work, it’s usually a battery problem or wiring issue. It’s a good idea to keep fresh batteries on hand and replace them regularly.

At Aladdin Doors of Calgary, we offer a large selection of highly reliable and functional new garage doors at affordable prices. Our doors are built to last and will greatly enhance the appearance of your home. We are proud to serve homeowners and businesses across the city of Calgary and surrounding areas.

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