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Heavy Duty Horse Lead Rope

A heavy duty horse lead rope  as a panic line or halter chain is used to control your horse during training sessions and in everyday use. Lead ropes are made from cotton, nylon, leather and other synthetic materials. They are generally thick and chunky to help protect both horses and people in the event that the line is snagged on something or wraps around a person’s hand and causes an injury.

Leading with Strength: The Benefits of a Heavy-Duty Horse Lead Rope

This particular lead rope is made of solid cotton and is 5/8″ thick. It is a practical 10 feet long and is soft on the hands, preventing rope burns or irritation. This leads features heavy duty satin bolt snap hardware that is durable and will last through plenty of wear and tear. It is available in a twin pack or a variety of color combos to suit your personal taste and barn colors.

While you can make a lead rope with just about any type of flat webbing or leather straps, a quality braided poly lacing cord is the best option for a horse lead rope. The braided material gives the rope a more substantial feel, and its construction allows for eye splicing – allowing the end of the rope to be attached more securely. Using this method, you can make a custom lead rope by adding a simple sheet bend knot to the end of the rope to attach it to your halter.

This type of knot is a faster and non-metal alternative to the traditional bull snaps that are often used on lead ropes. It is also very easy to adjust the length of your lead rope by simply tying or untying a simple sheet bend knot in the end of the rope.

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