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Polish Economy and Apostille

The constitution of Poland guarantees the freedom of economic activity and private ownership. Limitations upon this freedom may be imposed only in accordance with and for the purpose of essential public interest. The state shall protect property, including the right of succession. It shall take special care of veterans of the struggle for independence, especially war invalids. The armed forces of the Republic of Poland are subject to civilian and democratic control, but retain their neutrality regarding political matters.

EUWorkers of Poland is based on the social market model, whose main principles are free economic competition, solidarity between social partners and the guarantee of freedom of the individual. The state aims at providing the highest standard of living and ensuring equal opportunities for all people.

Beyond the Numbers: Understanding the True Value of Interim Services in Poland

Apostille is a stamp or sticker that is placed on original documents to confirm their authenticity. Countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention require that all official documents be accompanied by an Apostille. Birth, death and marriage certificates, notarial deeds, court documents and sworn translations are just some of the documents that need to be accompanied by an Apostille.

Polish energy conglomerate PKN Orlen has denied claims it artificially lowered prices on fuel and medicines to deliver a crowd-pleasing rate cut ahead of October elections. Nonetheless, the European Commission is monitoring developments in the Polish fuel market to identify potential anti-competitive behavior or markets collusion.

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