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Professional Bund Lining Services

professional bund lining services

Bunds are designed to contain leakage and spillage from storage tanks, oil pipes and power transformers in sub-stations. The lining of these bunds must be impermeable and present adequate chemical resistance to the chemicals stored. This is especially important as failure of a bund wall can result in catastrophic environmental damage and a requirement for costly clean up and remediation work.

To prevent failure of the lining it is imperative to use professional bund lining services. These services are able to offer full design, installation and repair of linings in bund areas, ensuring regulatory compliance with local and national regulations.

Guardians of Containment: The Role of Professional Bund Lining Services

A common cause for a bund lining to need repair or replacement is due to damaged mortar joints on brick or concrete linings. This can lead to the break down of the lining, causing secondary contamination and ultimately expensive remedial works.

There are a range of lining options for bunds, including GRP (fibreglass) systems comprised of vinyl ester resin. These linings are seamless, chemical- and temperature-stable barriers optimized to protect bund walls and surfaces – enabling regulatory compliance. Fibreglass linings are also suitable for lining steel bunds and can help to mitigate corrosion issues in older, corroded bund installations.

Epoxy bund linings are ideal for lining concrete and brick bunds with a damaged masonry lining, however, they do not offer the same level of chemical resistance as a fibreglass lining. They are still a great choice for an oil storage bund and are well suited to other non-aggressive chemical environments. They also have good strength and durability, allowing them to withstand movement stress cracking much better than concrete repairs or brickwork.

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