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Quantity Surveyors – An Overview

Quantity Surveyors is a professional organisation that specializes in supplying building surveyors, as well as other related professional services. Quantity Surveyors NZ is a company owned by International Qualified Surveyor (IQS), a company with extensive experience in delivering building surveys and quality materials to customers around New Zealand. Its main office is based in Christchurch New Zealand and its four regional offices provide the necessary services to satisfy the needs of their clients. IQS is the main provider of Quantity Surveyors for New Zealand under the Quantity Surveyors’ Association of New Zealand (PSANZ). It also has an arrangement with F&I Group, who provide quality surveys for Quantity Surveyors NZ and their associated expert surveyors. More info – visit website

What Should You Do For Fast Quantity Surveyors – An Overview?

Quantity Surveyors NZ


Quality Materials Surveyors NZ supplies quality building surveyors and related professional services to the construction industry, including building surveyors, engineers, surveyors, quantitative surveyors, eco-fitters, consultants, architects, managers and employees of several building research associations. A number of the associations require Quantity Surveyors to be members of their building research association. These include the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) and the Construction Research Association of New Zealand (CARA).

Quantity Surveyors NZ offers several building related product development services. The company undertakes a comprehensive market analysis before developing any new product or service, which involves the application of numerous price, nutritional, technical, competitive and other factors to determine the most appropriate intervention lever for a given project. This decision leads to the identification of nodal points and channels to achieve desired outcomes. Nodal points are important support points and optimization channels for construction recommendation and monitoring.

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