Trail Running Camp Blog Reripe Your Drive Thru Markings

Reripe Your Drive Thru Markings

Drive Thru Markings

Drive Thru Markings

The striped lines in your Drive Thru Markings act as visual cues for where drivers should momentarily park while awaiting service. If these markings fade over time, it can result in confusion and even minor accidents. When these markings become invisible, it’s time to restripe your drive-thru lane.

Ensure that your parking lot is prepared before the thermoplastic is laid. This includes cleaning the area and ensuring that it is free of dirt, loose materials, and other debris. Then, the thermoplastic needs to be heated to a high temperature using a propane-powered heat gun or other specialized equipment.

The Road to Efficiency: The Importance of Drive-Thru Markings

Thermoplastic is durable, which means it can withstand the rigours of everyday use. In addition, it is more cost-effective than paint and requires less maintenance. Moreover, it can be coloured and have logos applied to it for a more professional appearance. For example, you can have a disabled parking space painted with a large symbol or add arrows to make the location easier to navigate for wheelchair users. Additionally, you can have a parent and child parking space or an electric vehicle bay marked with the appropriate symbols. This increases accessibility and makes the car park a safer place for everyone.

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