Trail Running Camp Home Spray Foam Insulation for New Construction and Retrofits

Spray Foam Insulation for New Construction and Retrofits

When it comes to insulating your home or commercial structure, the best choice is spray foam insulation. This cutting-edge material seals spaces to prevent air leakage, lower energy costs, repels pests and mold and enhances the structural integrity of a building. The initial cost is more than traditional blown-in or batt insulation, but the long-term savings make it an excellent investment for your family or business.

Our insulation contractors offer spray foam insulation for new construction in Decatur as well as retrofits to existing homes and buildings. It can be applied to the walls, attic, roof, and crawl space to create an air seal that keeps heat in during the summer, cold out in the winter, and moisture from causing damage.

The Assured Advantage: Why Decatur Residents Choose Our Spray Foam Insulation

It blocks allergens like dust and dander from entering the living areas, which helps those with allergies to live a more comfortable life. Its density also helps to deter pests from chewing through wires and drywall. It can even be used to insulate pipes, as it is water-resistant and blocks leaks.

For most homeowners, the attic is the first place to insulate with spray foam. This is because it helps to regulate the temperature throughout the house, preventing the unnatural and expensive rise in temperatures during the summer and helping the home stay warm in the winter. The crawl space is another area to consider insulating with spray foam because it can block a lot of the unwanted heat transfer from ground level into the home.

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