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Wet Pour Surfaces

Wet Pour Surfaces

Wet pour surfacing is an impact-absorbing rubber crumb safety surface that can be laid over existing tarmac or concrete and is commonly found in children’s playgrounds as it offers unmatched levels of safety. However, this specialist surfacing can also be found in other facilities such as parks, community areas, schools and leisure centers.

The ‘wearing course’ layer of Wet Pour Surfaces consists of recycled Ethylene Propylene Diene Modified (EPDM) rubber granules that are bonded together with a polyurethane binder. This is mixed to controlled specifications on site and installed over a free-draining sub-base such as porous asphalt or no fines concrete. Different depths of wet pour surfacing are available with different Critical Fall Heights to suit specific needs and requirements.

DIY Installation vs. Professional Installation of Wet Pour Surfaces”

As well as their proven safety credentials, wet pour surfaces are also extremely durable and hardwearing with minimal wear-and-tear compared to loose-fill surfaces. They are also easy to maintain with regular cleaning and inspections. If the surface does become damaged, a rubber repair kit can be used to restore it to its original condition.

Wet pour surfaces can be used all year round and are fully weatherproof, so they will continue to perform in all conditions. They are also environmentally friendly as they often use recycled materials and are long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This reduces environmental impact further and helps to keep costs low.

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