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What to Look for in a Riverside Immigration Attorney

A Riverside immigration attorney can help you navigate the complex and challenging process of obtaining a visa, settling in the United States, and becoming a naturalized citizen. They will work with government agencies and legal stakeholders on your behalf to ensure that all steps are taken according to the law. They can also advance your case faster than if you choose to self-represent.

How do I find a good immigration lawyer in USA?

Deportation and Removal Defense

A criminal conviction can have a devastating impact on an immigrant’s life, including making them inadmissible or subject to removal proceedings. For this reason, it is highly recommended that non-citizens charged with any crime hire a Riverside criminal defense immigration lawyer to protect their rights and prevent these negative consequences.

What to Look for in a Riverside Immigration Attorney

It is essential that you find an immigration attorney who has a strong reputation and knowledge of the latest developments in immigration law. This can be determined by talking to past clients or reading online reviews. You may also want to consider the number of years the attorney has been practicing.

The office of Alejo Lugo & Associates in Riverside and Murietta offers immigration law services to English- and Spanish-speaking residents. The firm helps individuals obtain green cards, asylum, employment-based visas, VAWA visas, and citizenship. It also assists with family-based and business visas. The firm also helps victims of human trafficking get T visas to stay in the country while they cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

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